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Air Lounge Repair Kit
Air Lounge Repair Kit
Air Lounge Repair Kit
Air Lounge Repair Kit
Air Lounge Repair Kit


Air Lounge Repair Kit


  • repair kit for your air sofa
  • easily seal a hole or tear to make your lounger good as new
  • versatile 4.5cm x 5.5cm self-adhesive patch
  • water-resistant material
  • for every AIR Lounge colour

The ROOMOX AIR Lounge is tough yet soft, water-resistant and extremely lightweight. Thanks to its unique single layer of super-strong material, the AIR Lounge can even hold up to 150kg of you and your friends – but accidents can happen! If you find a tear or hole in your AIR Lounge, don't despair – the AIR Lounge Repair Kit will come to the rescue.

This clever little patch measuring 4.5cm x 5.5cm will seal your AIR Lounge from the inside, making it good as new. Turn your AIR Lounge inside out, find the culprit and get ready to apply air sofa first aid! Clean the area around the hole or tear thoroughly and make sure the lounger material is completely dry. Then simply peel off the backing from the self-adhesive patch, and carefully place the patch over the damaged area to make your air sofa whole again.

Once you've treated your lounger with the AIR Lounge Repair Kit, you're ready to hit the park, festival or an outdoor event again, as this handy patch is also water-resistant. The repair kit can be used to fix every colour of AIR Lounge.

  • 4,5 cm
  • 5,5 cm