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Hammershøi vase H18.5 clear
Hammershøi vase H18.5 clear
Hammershøi vase H18.5 clear
Hammershøi vase H18.5 clear


Hammershøi vase H18.5 clear

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SKU 692488
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Hammershøi vase H18.5 clear

When you see a well-known design in a new material, something magical happens. Somehow you discover the design all over again. You notice the lines and the shapes in a new way. Contemplate the details with a new awareness. Allow yourself to be surprised by the balance between the familiar and the unfamiliar.

For the first time ever, the famous and classic Hammershøi vase has come to life in mouthblown glass. You easily recognize the iconic grooves, but since they are now in glass, it creates an entirely new experience of the design. Suddenly the grooves get a new dimension and a new sense of spaciousness, and the transparency of the glass creates a sense of lightness - even though the vase has a nice weight to it and is stable on the table.

Kähler has always been known for innovation and authenticity, which is exactly what is apparent in the Hammershøi glass vases. They are paying homage to the Kähler history as well as stepping into the future of the brand.

Hammershøi glass vases - a classic clear as glass!

Size: 16,6 * 19,2 * 16,6 cm
Color: clear glass
Weight: 1,1 kg