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Baskets, Kuta, Nature
Baskets, Kuta, Nature
Baskets, Kuta, Nature
Baskets, Kuta, Nature

House Doctor

Baskets, Kuta, Nature

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SKU: D03SOL-261940003 - GTIN: 5707644778986
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Baskets, Kuta, Nature

Kuta is a set of two rattan and bamboo baskets in two sizes. Their strength is the varying handwoven patterns with intricate detailing. As a nice contrast to their large sizes, the delicate handles start at the bottom and make it easy for you to move the baskets around. Handcrafted baskets designed by House Doctor are a timeless and most of all elegant storage solution to your living room. Use Kuta to store your throws or place them in a prominent spot as a decorative element. The patterns and golden brown colour of the baskets add a fine contrast to sleek surfaces and a natural touch to your home décor.

Size: l: 40 cm, w: 37 cm, h: 49 cm, l: 35 cm, w: 30 cm, h: 42 cm
Materials: Bamboo, Rattan