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Expressions Wedding

Spring Copenhagen

Expressions Wedding


Expressions Wedding is the story about the moment when two people say yes to each other. It matches few other moments in our life. And put quite simply, saying yes to another person is a beautiful EXPRESSION. Therefore, we have made a babushka that captures the beautiful moment. The babushka consists of a bridegroom in a black suit and a classic white bride. The smallest babushka is the lovechild that arises between to two saying yes to each other. Expressions Wedding is a memory of a beautiful day. It is a likely hostess gift, wedding present or as a symbol of the affection between two lovers. Expressions Wedding is the symbol of saying yes to each other and love. Where this happens does not matter, but the moment is magical. And the magical moments in life are exactly what The Expression Series is all about. No matter whether it is The Entertainers, Sex, Family, Wedding, Christmas, Big Bosses or Celebration, the Expression Series are about expression and expressing yourselves. About putting colour to life and remembering the moments that create life, when they are put together. The babushkas bring personality, play and colour to most homes. Simultaneously, kids and adults can look forward to loads of joy when they assemble and disassemble the dolls.