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Grand Cru Thermos Jug 1.0 L, Grey


Grand Cru Thermos Jug 1.0 L, Grey


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The coffee culture is booming with undiminished strength and today has almost the character of modern science. Both at home in the kitchen and for official championships, baristas duel the best brewing method, but in the end it is probably a matter of taste whether one is for filter, canister or piston coffee. The test-winning thermos are both decorative and keep warm. The push-button function closes out the least possible heat during serving, and the double-walled glass insert increases the insulation. The punch jug from the Grand Cru assortment draws on the qualities of the brewing method and at the same time keeps the coffee warm for hours with its built-in thermal effect.
  • 15 cm
  • 28.5 cm
  • 17.5 cm