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Illusion Hanger
Illusion Hanger
Illusion Hanger
Illusion Hanger


Illusion Hanger

€29,00 €20,95

SKU: D11WD-150101 - GTIN: 5712800002638

Illusion Hanger

The Illusion hanger is designed to create an illusion formed by its oblique angles.
Challenging your eye. The shape will vary significantly depending on the angle you look at it. Slowly, the Illusion will swing into a diagonal order, which creates an elegant and harmonious group of hangers. Illusion hangers are available in black and white and come in sets of three.

No. of pieces: 3 Hanger

Material: ABS

Height: 233 mm

Width/Depth: 7,5 mm

Length: 425 mm

  • 42,5 cm
  • 0,7 cm