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Nestor, Black Beech - Linen Webbing Seat


Nestor, Black Beech - Linen Webbing Seat


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Nestor means ‘the noblest and - implicitly the wisest’ and exemplifies how genuine materials and detail to comfort create great design. The chair is designed with careful attention to detail making it an exceptionally comfortable and a long-lasting piece of furniture, shaped to fit the human body. The wide armrest matches the backrest and creates a large surface to rest the arm, which increases comfort. The backrest is bent in an angle that provides a surprisingly comfortable sitting position. Nestor is available with a woven paper-cord seat or a webbed, which both is a reference to the old shaker tradition, while the resilient material makes the chair comfortable to sit in.
  • 53 cm
  • 76 cm
  • 57 cm