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Raw Northern Green - Double Wall Mug
Raw Northern Green - Double Wall Mug
Raw Northern Green - Double Wall Mug


Raw Northern Green - Double Wall Mug


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The Raw Nothern Green Collection is an ode to the Nordic lifestyle with inspiration from the raw Scandinavian nature, magical landscapes, rough textures and some of the nostalgic pieces from Søholm, where RAW has its origins. The glaze on the new stoneware is made with a special technique, allowing the colors to dance elegantly in the production process. The glaze does not have a homogeneous solid color or character but differs in crystal growth, addition of speckling agents, phase separation, layering, and opacity. The many variations in color and texture makes every piece unique. The new stoneware has a deep green pine color with small grey, almost sparkling speckles. This creates a beautiful contrast but is still subtle and suits most Scandinavian table settings. Double burned stoneware of the highest quality.

Handmade - gives each product a unique look. Exclusive raw colored stoneware. Tolerates oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Careguide - Crockery - stoneware and china. Stoneware and china are sturdy
materials burned at high temperatures. The higher the temperatures, the sturdier it gets – and our stoneware and china are burned at very high temperatures above 1200° C. All stoneware and china might break if you beat it against a hard surface or drop it on the floor, but if you handle it with care and follow our care guide, it can last for many years.

Dimensions: 25 cl