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The Goose

Spring Copenhagen

The Goose


The Goose is a nice addition to our tumbler series. Traditionally, the tumbler is a piece of toy that rights itself because it is hollow and has weight in the bottom of the tumbler. The same goes for The Goose, and therefore it tilts when you push it. The tumbler effect creates motion and gives life to the figures. Both The Christmas Tree, The Snowman, The Stork and The Goose in our tumbler series are a cute input in your home – without having the figures taking too much attention.

With his tumbler series, Thor Høy wishes to create cosy and sweet characters that add some warmth and enjoyable atmosphere to the room. Every figure works both independently as interior and decoration but can also work functionally as a book stopper or as a toy that develops the smallest children's motor skills. Design-wise, the Goose really just consists of one line, which is the profile for the body. Without the beak, The Goose could just as well have been a spinning top. However, the eyes and the beak make sure that you are never in doubt. It is a nice and warm character, that brings a smile to your face.