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Torus Vase Ø25
Torus Vase Ø25
Torus Vase Ø25
Torus Vase Ø25


Torus Vase Ø25

€135,00 €94,50

SKU 502809004013
The Torus Vase by AYTM is characterized by its special glass-in-glass look, which makes for a great eye-catcher. While the clear basic glass has the simple form of a classic vase, the colored glass is reminiscent of a funnel with wide opening. Both elements enter into a harmonious connection with each other and merge into a single unit. Especially individual flowers and delicate branches can be set in scene in the vase, but standing alone on the object sets elegant accents. The Torus Vase by AYTM is available in different colors, which can also be perfectly combined.
  • 25 cm
  • 33 cm