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3 Tips for Your Terrace: Spring in full swing!

3 Tips for Your Terrace: Spring in full swing!

With the spring officially starting this week, and soon to be in full-swing, it is about time to consider the outside area as seriously as the indoors, transforming it into the most comfortable spot in your home. More easily achieved than one would think, with only a few well-thoughtout buys and clever placement you will be ready to soak up the rays of sun in no time!


1. Think of the Purpose

Perdali TRIBECA Patio Chair


First and foremost, think of the purpose of your outdoor area – whether it be dining, relaxing, or entertaining – or, most likely, a combination of these three. Transform your garden with these gorgeous tribeca patio chairs that evoke a feeling of comfort. Owing to their style reminiscent of 60s woven furniture, these chairs had undergone a modern makeover and now are well suited for any corner in your garden, establishing an air of impeccable sanctuary perfect for afternoon refreshments or for al fresco dining.


OK Design Condesa Chair


The vibrant colour of the Condesa Chair makes it an ideal addition to your outdoor seating as this is an iconic design that allows you to lounge in comfort and in sophistication. Take inspiration from our last post to get more ideas for the perfect furniture.



Also, while often underestimnated, you can start decorating your outdoor area with beautiful accessories to establish the right atmosphere. Appreaciate the full versatility of your little sanctuary by creating a cozy corner in the shade or equiping yourself for the cosy summernights with a bonfire.


Trimm Copenhagen Terrazzo Tray


The time of drinks on the terrace are finally back and the ideal setup for relaxed social gatherings can be easily established with furniture from Trimm Copenhagen and their absolutely stunning Terrazzo Tray that can serve as a stable table top for your refreshments. Sink back in the comfort of the lounge chairs and enjoy yourself in style.


2. A Splash of Colour

Perdali GIRAVOLTA Lamp, Image Credits: Andrea Garuti


While your outdoor space can look stunning, come evening, the colours will fade into a sea of blackness. Illuminating your terrace can transform this space into a magical landscape. An ingenious approach to outdoor lighting is proposed by Perdali’s Designers who have created a wireless LED lamp with a rechargeable battery. Coming in vibrant colours themselves this floor lamp adds a splash of colour to your terrace area. In the later times of the day, when the warm rays of sun have set behind the horizon, these lamps will bring your outdoor space back to life, keeping the warm ambiance.


Marset Portable Follow Me Lamp


A portable lamp, insipred by the petroleum lamps used back in the day, is a marvelous way to illuminate different corners of your garden, whether you are enjoying some evening reading in the fresh air or an ambient dinner with a few friends.


House Doctor Lantern


Adding a lantern on the side of your garden can create a more rustic and cozy atmosphere for a more intimate evening gathering in the flickering glow of the candlelight.


3. Nature Trick for the Urban Oasis

OK Design Cibele Plant Stand


One of the most effective tricks to bring your terrace to life is to add plenty of greenery. Your plants will turn to blossom outdoors allowing you to busk in the sweet scents of spring. Get creative with your flower arrangements by elevating the more delicate one on a stylish plant stand.


Hübsch Bay Pots

The set of pots can home your plants with a guaranteed stylish and rustic look. Whether it is an evergreen bush or a petite olive tree, there is definitely a suitable pot that will allow it to thrive on your roof terrace or garden.


Rosendahl RO Bird Feeders


Nothing is more relaxing and joy-inducing than the chirping and singing of birds outside your window. Why not lure these curious creatures onto your balcony or terrace by setting up a few bird feeders? With designers mindful of climate and promoting sustainability, these feeders are fully made of recycled material. You can bring nature closer to you and support sustainable innovation at the same time. Make use of these tips, check out our outdoor collection for more inspiration and make sure that your terrace is spring-ready!

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