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With a puff like footstool it becomes extra relaxing to sit in the armchair or on the couch. Buffers are ideal for small square footage as they are extremely practical and have many functions. In addition to a puff giving you rest to your feet, it can also be used as an extra seat. In some puffs, there is actually also the possibility of storage, so you can easily and quickly store leaves or plaids. In addition, a pouf is extremely easy to integrate into the interior - it can be placed in any room, and it is easy to move around in the home, according to your needs. Find a great selection of buffs here on the site. Here you will find both a square and a round puff, and you will also find them in many different colors and materials. Whether you are into a classic and modern design, we have something that suits your taste.

Versatile pouf - perfect for any room
Here at DYH we have a large selection of puffs, so there should probably be at least one that can put the icing on your decor. We offer puffs in many different designs, materials and qualities, so find your favorite among the many stylish and fun models. Here you can get pockets in leather, pockets in velor and puffs that are covered with knit. You can thus get a puff that fits into any home! A pouf can also be the perfect solution if you are just in need of a seat, and then some of our models even have a very practical dual function as they can store all your little things, such as leaves, blankets and more - at the same time smart if you have space. Use your pouf by your couch so you can rest your feet on it while watching TV.

Large selection of poufs at DYH
With us you will thus find a large selection of puffs and you will surely find a puff that fits your taste. Our puffs are available in many different colors so they can fit into any device. Do you run a minimalist style in your home where the furniture is characterized by calm colors such as black, white and gray? Then here you can get a very elegant pouf in gray, and of course you can also get a nice little pouf in white. Do you want a puff that can hold even the oldest in the family? Then you should consider taking a look at a big puff, which, due to its size, can last for the most part.
Here at DYH we are always ready with a good puff offer, so buy your new puff here with us - we promise you will not be disappointed.

Service and delivery
Do you have questions about our large selection of puffs? Then you can contact us easily and quickly using our contact form here on the website and we will respond as soon as possible! We answer all questions with a smile and we look forward to hearing from you.