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Indigenus, founded in 2014, is the brainchild of Cape Town local, Peter van der Post. At the beginning of his career, whilst working in roto-moulding, Peter noticed a lack of high design planters in the market and the vision to produce the most beautiful, original and desirable planters began to grow. Over the past years the Indigenus team have collaborated with South Africa’s top designers to create planters that are art pieces in their own right.

In line with their sustainability and quality luxury objectives, they are constantly striving to make planters for life and not just for a few seasons. It has taken years of refinement, many valuable lessons learnt and, ultimately, setting up their own world class factory for in house manufacturing to be able to ensure that the planters are of the highest quality. All materials are sustainably sourced and the planters are made by hand. It is this craftmanship that puts Indigenus in a league of its own.

Each range of planters is unique and illustrates the impact that beautiful sculptural planters have on architecture and landscapes. The planters close connection to the earth is expressed through a stable and grounded design, made with beautiful natural materials and evoking an underlying story of their relationship with the natural world.

Indigenus is focused on collaboration with the world’s top designers and artists. They are committed to constant refinement and a willingness to be courageous, curious and experimental with natural materials and new designs. They have built solid distributor networks and relationships that they are committed to maintaining and growing globally. They are proud of their roots as an African luxury brand with a global footprint.