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The long-established Nordic designer brand is constantly reinventing itself, even though it has been on the market for 30 years! The founders of Nordal strive above all to offer durable pieces without following a particular fashion, but to respond to your preferences in terms of interior design. The Nordal furniture line belongs to the Nordic world and is so soothing to your eyes. Particularly present on a dining table or on living room furniture, the raw wood plays the extensions on the decorative design objects of the brand. As for the floors, they claim a "cozy nest" style by adding soft rugs or geometric shapes. To give your living room, dining room or bedroom the atmosphere of your choice, the Danish brand also relies on natural textiles. Linen cushions with vintage patterns add a personal touch to Nordal sofas and armchairs, while candles and other romantic accents find their ideal place on shelves and TV furniture. In short, harmony is found in every decorative detail the brand offers. But what would Scandinavian decor be without the spirit of practicality that people in the Nordic countries love so much? In the spirit of customization, the sofa becomes a very comfortable side bed, the stool becomes a storage space and the seats can be forgotten when not in use. Change the decoration to gain peace and comfort, thanks to our furniture and decorative objects conceived by Nordal.