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2GRAB Paper towel holder - Black

Nordic Function

2GRAB Paper towel holder - Black


SKU: 1040-OB
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2GRAB Paper towel holder - Black

This beautiful holder for paper towels is made of complementary and beautiful materials such as cork, leather, brass and steel. The combination of materials gives the design an exclusive look signalling minimalism and warmth. The strap made of natural leather on the upper end of the holder allows you to easily carry it from the kitchen to the dining room table and back. The steel base makes the holder stand firmly on your countertop or kitchen table. Measurements: 26,5 cm high and diameter 2,5/12 cm

  • 12 cm
  • 2.5 cm
  • 26.5 cm
  • No
  • Black, 
  • Powder coated steel, leather strap, cork lid, brass screw