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Makeup Table Lamp
Makeup Table Lamp
Makeup Table Lamp
Makeup Table Lamp

Kaishi Lightning

Makeup Table Lamp

€220,00 €200,00

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Makeup Table Lamp

The light effect as a protagonist, the control of light applied to a functional object, a collection inspired by minimalism and Zen purity. It is a configurable lamp that plays with the control of light thanks to its central body illuminated by two opposing faces, allows you to always have two illuminated areas at the same time, with the option of setting the direction of light at your whim. The collection is made up of different applications, desk, wall light and reading foot, all made of high quality aluminum. As a light source incorporates LED technology, low consumption and high performance together to create an efficient product. MAKEUP has a timeless and avant-garde design, a visual spectacle that integrates with aesthetic perfection and functionality.

Material: Painted White IMetal.
Diameter: 25 cm 
Height: 50 cm 
Weight: 3,4 kg
Light source: LED EDISON MAX 1X12W 
  • 25 cm
  • 50 cm