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Original Beanbag Filling - Design Your Home
Original Beanbag Filling - Design Your Home
Original Beanbag Filling


Original Beanbag Filling

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Original Beanbag Filling

  • high-quality EPS beanbag filling
  • supports the back and relieves the spine for outstanding comfort
  • highly flame retardant
  • very quiet – relax and unwind in peace
  • easy to refill your beanbag
  • Recycled product - The color may vary

    The high-quality original ROOMOX EPS-filling material provides an incomparable comfort in each beanbag. It is composed of thousands of small styrofoam bubbles, which form themselves after the body, perfectly support the back and ensure pressure relief of the spine. They save and reflect the body heat and therefore ensure a pleasant temperature and feeling. Because the original ROOMOX EPS-filling material is extremely flame retardant, it is ideal for the use of children's beanbags and pillows. In contrast to the fillings of other manufacturers, the ROOMOX EPS-filling material makes significantly less noise, which gives you the chance to relax much faster and to escape the daily stress. The ROOMOX EPS-filling material is a high quality and sustainably produced recycled product, which protects the environment and the wallet. (We have no influence on the colour of the filling material. However, the colours being used are white, grey, or white/grey). It is delivered in a stable plastic bag and a stable shipping box. To fill your beanbag with the filling material, you only cut off one side of the plastic bag and carefully let the filling flow into the beanbag.

    NOTE: The color of the filling is not always the same as the color of the product picture! Color may vary due to being a recycled product!