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"SALVE" Set Athen
"SALVE" Set Athen
"SALVE" Set Athen

SIT SIT Outdoor

"SALVE" Set Athen

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SKU: D23SIT-601
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SALVE - translated from italian - means 'Welcome'! The very name 'SALVE' characterises this piece of furniture because it welcomes and invites us every time we sit on it.

This set contains:

3 x "SALVE" SINGLE MODULE: L:78 x H:68 x W:78 cm

2 x "SALVE" END MODULE: L:78 x H:68 x W:78 cm


CONSTRUCTION - the structural element is made of stainless steel, which is powder coated in black. The furniture uses visible black straps, alternately braided, which are a decorative element (these are not upholstery straps)

- Seat cushion: the cushion is made of HR3030 foam
- backrest and side cushions: the cushions are filled with a soft upholstery mixture (a mix of a sponge and a silicone ball)

All cushions (seat, back, side) are covered with durable outdoor fabric. The upholstery is made of OLEFIN (100% OLF) fabrics. This fabric is reliable: breathable, resistant to water, UV rays, mold and stains; it keeps its colors unchanged for many years. In connection with the application to use of the highest quality materials, our set is characterized by maximum durability and resistance to weather conditions and UV rays.

All elements are put together and connected with special plastic connectors. Due to the fact that each element is a separate module, they can be freely spaced and arranged, and their arrangement can be changed.

The modular design of the furniture allows you to assemble a set of furniture that matches the space, and the universal design will allow it to fit into any terrace or garden.